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Coface breidt uit met een wereldwijd netwerk van economen

Coface breidt uit met een wereldwijd netwerk van economen

With one of Coface's priorities being safer trade for companies, the Group is continuing to develop its risk expertise by setting up an international network of economists in strategic regions (based in Hong Kong, Mainz, Istanbul, Sao Paulo and Warsaw). The five economists will work closely with the Group's economic research department in Paris.


The new economists will be the Group's local voice on all economic subjects:

  •  They will be closer to companies, and bring their local knowledge to the analysis of macro and micro-economic risk by contributing to the Group's economic publications - Panoramas - launched at the end of 2012. They will also enhance the country risk analysis Coface provides to the French state.
  •  From 2014, they will prepare the launch of local Panoramas dedicated to company defaults and sector analysis.

« The presence of economists in major regions of the world will firstly enhance our economic analysis, by placing it closer to the risks, particularly in a micro-economic dimension. Each economist will be the local voice of Coface in their region, aiming to explain all of the Group's analyses and also produce local publications for our key markets. Through their contribution, Coface's view of economic risk will be more accessible to our clients and partners, thus extending the work begun with our Panoramas which were launched a year ago », explains Yves Zlotowski, Chief economist of Coface.

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